"I loved the play you made between Archaic Greek sculpture and Classical, post-Kritios Boy statuary, with each of the 3 pieces,
in its own particular way, having a marvellous tactile quality and above a sense of ‘being there’, of occupying
both its place in London’s Golden Square and its place in the history of mankind.

Your placement of Hommage to Prisoners of War between Archaic Girl Walking and Icarus remains was thought-provoking,
especially in its delicacy, compared with the power in both Archaic Girl and Icarus.

I found them beautiful to regard, and also, separately and together, they made me think.
" Professor Michael Worton 2014

It is in the nature of Classical sculpture to portray the events and people of the time. In this work I am using the experience of looking at Classical work to invite the viewer to consider our own image as though it were archeology; we are the subject of sculpture discovered by the archeologists.

Our eyes are used to fragments of sculpture from antiquity. They pose the questions in our minds as to the fate and beauty of the complete work.

All fragments convey the vulnerability of the subject, but we are not used to observing ourselves in this way. This is my effort to treat a very contemporary image of the figure as archeology in the hope that we can look with renewed interest at ourselves and the fragility of our world.

The complete figure reminds us of how different the whole man can be from the figure that we imagine when looking at a fragment. As in classical sculpture, the imagination creates a complete figure from the fragment that is both more, because it is idealized, and less, because it becomes the observer’s creation.

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